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Posts about deploying, branding, and configuring SharePoint 2010.

Adding Scripts to a SharePoint Web Part

There’s two things here. The first is how to include the scripts in your solution and the second is how to reference the scripts in your code. How to include your script in the solution Option 1: Add Microsoft.PowerBI.Javascript Right click on your references folder and choose “Manage nuget” packages. Add Microsoft.PowerBI.Javascript assembly. This conveniently creates a …

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How to load jQuery on demand in SharePoint 2013

Summary Solution was needed for adding jQuery to my site. For my failing memory, below are my requirements, plus how I did it. Audience: Because I am forever one, my posts are to help absolute beginners. Requirements: jQuery is needed on many, but not every page. Minimize the effort needed to load jQuery when it is needed. Farm is SharePoint 2013. …

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