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About PHP Laravel, Composer, Artisan

composer – a basic dependency manager for php. Declare the libraries your project will depend on and it will manage them (install or update them). Composer.phar file sets the preferences. You can use it to create a new project: composer create-project Laravel/Laravel bdd-setup. Packagelist.org has a list of things you can install. e.g., you can install something called “carbon” — this makes formatting and working with dates easier. You can run composer require nesbot/carbon to pull carbon into a project and use it immediately. To make it global place

$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin in your system path… makes it so the larval executable can be located:

Laravel – you can also use Laravel to create a new project: Laravel new blog. To install it, run composer global require “laraval/installer” 

Artisan – PHP’s command line utility.

Steps to open a new app:

1. Laravel new blog

2. Cd blog

3. phpStorm ./

Add applications so you can open them in terminal:

1. Go to .profile

2. Nano .profile

3. Add: alias sublime=’open /Applications/Sublime\ Text.app’

Now you can use for step 3:

Sublime ./


And it will open the blog folder contents in the terminal.

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