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About PHP Laravel, Composer, Artisan

composer – a basic dependency manager for php. Declare the libraries your project will depend on and it will manage them (install or update them). Composer.phar file sets the preferences. You can use it to create a new project: composer create-project Laravel/Laravel bdd-setup. Packagelist.org has a list of things you can install. e.g., you can …

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MAMP won’t start!

Problem: I get this issue a lot. “My MAMP won’t start! … I’m trying to set up MAMP and it stays red.” What can you do? Solution: Whether it’s the dot next to Apache or the dot next to MySQL that’s red, probably the simplest thing to do is 1. Click:┬áPreferences 2. Click the tab …

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WAMP won’t start!

WAMP is a package of services that run on your computer. These services run on certain ports. If those ports are already used by other services, WAMP won't be able to start its services and it will warn you with the orange or red icon. Alternatively, you might be going to the wrong URL in your browser. This article describes several possible causes and solutions:

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How to reduce css file size

Problem Wouldn’t it be great if SharePoint Designer or Adobe Dreamweaver could strip out redundant CSS… basically flatten the cascade of styles into a single stylesheet? After all, browsers do this every time they load a page, overwriting CSS selectors and keeping only the styles necessary to render your page. Here’s how to reduce css …

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