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How to create a host-named site collection in SharePoint

There are three steps to creating a host-named site collection in SharePoint:

  1. Add the host header to your hosts file or DNS. For a dev machine, you will add it to your hosts file, which is located in Windows > System 32 > drives > etc. It should look something like this:

    Then run

  2. Use Powershell (this is manadatory) to create the host header site collection:

  3. Update the IIS Bindings:
    1. Start menu and type “IIS”
    2. My development machine is called “sharepoint” and so I expanded “SHAREPOINT”, right-clicked on the Web Application, and chose “Edit Bindings”:
      Edit Bindings
    3. Add an entry for your host header:
      Add binding

Do another IISReset and, in your browser, try to connect to your new hostheader.sharepoint site.


  1. Natalie Polishuk says:

    I followed all these steps but the host name site collection that i created is unreachable, any idea what can be the problem?
    Thanks a lot, Natalie

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