“Can’t determine system version”: How to uninstall mac os xcode developer tools


On Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I can’t uninstall the XCode Developer Tools. I get the error, “Can’t determine system version” when running


I was running the XCode3 because I was too cheap to pay $4.99 for the more recent XCode4. All of this because I’m trying to install Encore v5 (don’t ask), which requires Lambdamoo (not telling), which requires apt-get, which requires fink, which requires gcc 4.2, which requires XCode4 and not XCode3. But I didn’t know any of this before I started and simply went with the cheap XCode3 solution because I needed a C compiler on my mac and had a disc handy.

So now XCode3 won’t go away.


This thread about Uninstalling XCode 3.0 in Snow Leopard helped. In summary:

Edit the script “/Library/Developer/3.0/uninstall-devtools”. Using the # symbol, comment out the lines that check for system version. Or better yet, change “if” clause (that queries the system version) from “if it’s system 10.5” to “if it’s system 10.6” and leave the “then” clause (that sets the system version inside the script) as-is. Thus, you’ll have: if 10.6 -> then 10.5. Then run:

Rinse and repeat inside the /Library/Developer/Shared/uninstall-devtools script.

Then re-run:

Finally, drag the folder /Developer to the trash and take out that trash! Reboot.

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